Vehicle Security

Our same Telematics hardware offers several levels of security:

  • CAN BUS alarm - The device arms using the vehicle's original remote key.  A flashing LED is installed to the dash as a security indicator to deter thieves.  If the vehicle is broken into it will trigger the horn to sound while an alert is sent to our server.  Additional sensors can also be fitted such as PIR's to protect Ute canopys.

  • Automatic Geofence - The device automatically stamps a 15m geofence around the vehicle at each ignition off sequence.  There is a hardware generated service so not reliant on drawing geofences manually.  If the vehicles original remote key is not used to unlock the vehicle and it exits the geofence, it will generate a theft alert while sending an alert to our server as the device moves into a theft sequencing mode.

  • Immobiliser - For vehicles such as some Toyota Aqua models (See our blog), the device can be configured so the vehicle will only start if it has been unlocked with the vehicles original remote key.  If the vehicle is compromised or an attempt is made to hotwire the vehicle, the horn will sound while sending an alert to the server to notify of the attempted theft.

  • Voluntary vehicle immobilisation - the device can be configured with a starter cut to immobilise the vehicle in the event of theft.  

  • Theft Tracking - The device can move into a high rate theft tracking mode either automatically when certain event conditions are met (before you even know your vehicle has been stolen).  If you notice your vehicle has been stolen you can also call us and we can move the device into a high rate theft tracking mode to recover and immobilise your vehicle as quickly as possible.

  • GSM Jamming - If a GSM jammer is detected the device can sound the horn, prevent the vehicle from starting while sending an alert to the server to notify a GSM jamming event has been detected.

To test if your own vehicle has a factory alarm simply roll down the drivers window, lock the vehicle with the remote, wait 60s then open the door from inside the vehicle.  If the horn starts sounding you have a factory alarm.