03 Mar

Using our Telematics box we can prevent the vehicle from starting when the vehicle has not been unlocked with the factory remote key.

The vehicle is fitted out with 2 Vodafone Automotive security stickers and a flashing LED to let would be thieves know they are wasting their time attempting to steal this vehicle.

The second line of defense is the alarm which sounds if the vehicle is broken into.  This also notify's the owner the vehicle has been compromised and alerts our SOC (Secure operations center) who can advise and direct the Police to the scene.

At every ignition off event the system automatically stamps a 10m geofence around the vehicle.  In the unlikely event that the vehicle is put on a transporter and stolen the device can sound the horn while alerting the driver and the SOC of the theft.  The device will then automatically move into a high rate tracking mode enabling the SOC to direct the police to recover your vehicle.





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